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So God Made A Farmer

Mar 12, 2013

Joseph Sorrentino Photography


Special thanks to Tess Wilkes

Joseph Sorrentino is a writer and photographer who has covered farmworker issues for a decade. His many trips to Mexico have made it possible to document what life is like in the remote villages that provide labor for our farms. When he saw the infamous Super Bowl truck ad, he knew he had to respond. In collaboration with Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, Joseph took a rough idea and fleshed it out into a video.

Contributions to this project will be used to produce stories and media that give migrant farmworkers a voice, to contrast mainstream media, and to impact legislation governing the rights of US farmworkers. A portion of the funds raised will also be donated to Las Patronas, a Mexico based group of women in Veracruz who give food to migrants passing by on the train.

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