Music Video

She Keeps Bees – Owl

Nov 5, 2014

Produced for Future Gods

Starring: Laura Cohen

Direction: Lizzy Brooks

Cinematography: Heidi Petty

Edit: Aaron Buttig

Lighting: Winston Merchan

AD: Wasiem Mansour

Animation: Carl Weichert

PA: Karolina Peysakov

Thanks to: Artists Television Access & all of the amazing extras Abbas Jaffer, Echo Love, Tyler Field, Drew Smith, Nick Sellen, Heidi Williamson, Roxy Parra, Andy Blum, Colby Droscher, Laura Sallack, Aaron sunshine, Conor McClure, Brandon Cole, Andrea Diaz, Jasmine Golan, Erika Soliz, Ash Clayton
Copyright II SOON 2014.

The official video for She Keeps Bees second single "Owl" off their new album 'Eight Houses', which is out now via Future Gods (US) & BB*Island (EU).

In honor of the divine feminine rising, the official video for She Keeps Bees “Owl” is based on Maya Deren’s 1944 film At Land.