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Santa Fe Prep Student Life

Dec 14, 2014

The Spirit of Santa Fe Prep

What sets Prep apart? A strong sense of community. High expectations for student involvement and achievement. A “can-do” school spirit. Our commitment to the community of Santa Fe. And, more than anything, the depth of talent, ambition, energy, and creativity alive on this campus each day.

We ask a great deal of parents, students and ourselves. Along with a rigorous academic program, students are involved in athletics, our award-winning service learning program (TAP), and the visual and performing arts. We educate with an eye to broad developmental needs at each age, believing that students reach their full potential when they are challenged and supported in many areas. Prep is committed to building a diverse school community, recognizing our social responsibility to create access for families across the economic spectrum and believing all of us benefit from learning in a diverse and inclusive school.