Music Video

Milk of Amnesia – Reighnbeau

Aug 12, 2014

Reighnbeau - Milk of Amnesia

Directed by Seth Fuller

Written by
Seth Fuller
Bryce Hample
Scott Hussion
Andie Fuller

Producer Scott Hussion

1st AD Hari Mitar Khalsa

Cinematography &
Editing Seth Fuller

Designer Chelsey Danielsen

Operator/AC Alex Selman
1st Ac Jose Torres

Gaffer Mike Fischer

Grip/Electric Seth Thomas
Priscilla Torres
Tyler Sherek
Nick Beckman

Photography Luke Fitch

Hair & Makeup Jess Cornelius

Cast Bryce Hample
Leah Pokrasso
Jess Cornelius
Alexandria Hope

With a Super 8mm camera and vials of earth, Reignbeau sets out on a global search and adventures through snow-trenched mountain ranges to desolate sand-covered deserts in an attempt to piece together a constant collection of distant memories for some sort of meaning to his own personal and a wider existence.
Self funded - shot in New Mexico