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Dec 9, 2014

In order to stimulate entrepreneurship and tourism in a never-before-seen way for the City Different, 12FPS was hired by the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Department after a RFQ process in spring of 2014. 12FPS then set out to harness the power of one of the most powerful social media platforms that exists: Instagram... With 20 billion images shared since its inception in 2010, Instagram has 200 million monthly users, 65% of which are outside of the United States, and users “like” an image posted on the app 60 million times daily, on average. Instagram boasts an astonishing average of 75 million users on a daily basis.

In only 4 months, the "How To Santa Fe" campaign achieved remarkable results in social media engagement with over 50 million impressions and an overwhelming about of great images videos and stories told through the lens of locals and travelers.

While a few destinations such as Alberta Canada, the Gold Coast in Australia, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, have undertaken efforts to Instagram their way into the hearts of travelers, Santa Fe’s small population and reliance on traditional print advertising budgets in the past puts the success of #HowtoSantaFe in a whole new category.

From August to December 2014:
• 4.9 million people reached
• 52.3 million impressions
• $261,000 value in marketing ROI for the City of Santa Fe
• $55,000 in-kind donations from local businesses
• $50,000 new paid work opportunities over one year
• 10,719 posts to #HowToSantaFe on Instagram alone
• 10 local businesses have launched Instagram campaigns
• 94% of locals surveyed feel that promoting Santa Fe through social media is important
• 58% feel that social media is the most effective way to reach people
• Users in 30 states across the USA and 12 countries are using #HowToSantaFe

Christoffer Collin // @wisslaren : 787,000 followers
Kael Rebick // @punkodelish : 369,000 followers
Jon Taylor Sweet // @jontaylorsweet : 100,000 followers
Paul Tellefsen // @technopaul : 72,000 followers
Sarah Palmer // @heysp : 565,000 followers
Tyson Wheatley // @twheat : 551,000 followers
Jessica Zollman // @jayzombie : 250,000 followers
Sam Horine // @samhorine : 383,000 followers

As a result of the success of the campaign, 12FPS is now being approached by national businesses and destinations to achieve similar results in destination marketing on the social media platform. Entering uncharted territory, 12FPS is also looking at professional representation of some of the world’s most influential Instagrammers by brokering their deals with leading destinations and brands.

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