Documentary, Music Video

Freedom Work: Folk Forms and Variations

Mar 1, 2014


Lenny Tischler ~ Composer

Edward Seymour ~ Vocals

J.Q Whitcomb ~ Trumpet

Arlen Asher ~ Clarinet and Alto Sax

Brian Wingard ~ Tenor Sax

John Rangel ~ Piano

Andy Zadrozny ~ Bass

John Trentacosta ~ Drums

George Geder ~ President Santa Fe Branch/NAACP

Ron Pokrasso ~ Artist: Freedom Work Tryptic & Poster

Composed over 20+ years by musician and songwriter, Lenny Tischler, Freedom Work is a 5-part jazz/classical suite which explores the themes of struggle, freedom and creativity from the civil rights movements in the US. Performed for the first time at The First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, NM and in collaboration with the Santa Fe Branch of the NAACP, this video celebrates the first public performance with the goal of reaching new audiences and future opportunities to perform the composition

Lenny Tischler