Project Proposal & Pitch
Animation, Youth
Video Cameras: Selecting A Camera
Video Cameras: Getting To Know Your Camera
Video Cameras: Shooting Techniques
Video Cameras: Before, During, And After Your Shoot
Copyright & Media Licensing
Field Audio for Beginners
Field Audio for Advanced Media Makers
Audio Terms & Accessories
The Importance of Audio
Simple Techniques for Capturing Quality Audio
Working With Microphones
Rough Cut Review
Critical Response
Conducting a Video Shoot
Stop Motion Overview
Graphic Design Fundamentals
Camera Handling Tutorial
Camera Settings Tutorial
File Management
2012 San Francisco Rough Cut Review

Adobe Youth Voices Tutorials

Nov 17, 2012

This robust collection of video tutorials, tailored to youth and educators around the world, outlines basic to advanced techniques in video production, design, critique, and youth media making. From developing a project proposal to handling the copyright of your finished video, these educational videos have provided classrooms with tools and concepts that elevate their quality of work. Topics covered included buying and operating your camera, tips on framing and composition, instructions on creating stop motion animation, audio recording, creating a unified graphic design, and delivering or responding to constructive criticism.